Role: UX Designer
Team: Associate Creative Director, Project Manager, Client Engagement Director
Duration: ~1 Week, May 2022

Wray Ward was approached by Crescent Properties to design the website for Monarch Market, a food hall in Charlotte, NC. While my Associate Creative Director handled the desktop site, I was responsible for the mobile design. My goal was to create a mobile site that provided a similar user experience to the full site. Since the project was still in its design phase and a photoshoot had not yet been possible, we utilized representative stock photos to guide the style Crescent Properties should aim for.
The home page is the user's first point of interaction with the market. I designed it to showcase the different offerings in an easy-to-read format that breaks up informational text with images and inspires customers to visit the market.
This section highlights news, events, and happenings at the market.
The 'About' section of the mobile site informs users about the food hall and helps to establish credibility and generate interest by featuring one of the talented restaurant chefs.
These are the most important pages on the site as they feature the various vendors and menus in the food hall. Since many users will use their phones to access the menu through the mobile website rather than physical menus, I focused on making it easy for all users to read and navigate.
Optimizing designs made for desktop and adapting them for mobile presented its own set of challenges. I had to prioritize the most important elements, rethink many of the layouts, and create crops for the hero images on each page. It was important to ensure all font sizes were accessible, especially since customers will rely primarily on the mobile site to read menus.
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