Role: Digital Designer
Team: Associate Creative Director, Developer
Duration: 2 Weeks, February 2023
As part of Wray Ward's comprehensive rebrand, the agency sought to revamp its website. In addition to my involvement in other rebrand initiatives, including the redesigned capabilities deck and updated social media aesthetics, I was also asked to come up with a new homepage look and feel.
A key objective of the rebrand and website redesign was to showcase Wray Ward's extensive work in the destination tourism industry, marking a strategic shift from a primary focus on home and building brands. To achieve this, I conducted a comprehensive analysis of competing marketing agencies, with a particular emphasis on those specializing in the tourism sector. Additionally, I identified the primary users of the website, namely prospective clients and employees, to ensure their needs and expectations were met. My overarching goal was to impress and engage the users with the breadth and depth of our portfolio, effectively demonstrating the impact and value we deliver to our clients.​​​​​​​
While curating imagery and video content for the homepage, I sought to strike a balance between representing both our home & building projects & hospitality endeavors. The aim was to showcase relevant case studies, highlighting the tangible outcomes and value we bring to our clients. By integrating these elements thoughtfully, I created an engaging and dynamic experience that captures the essence of our expertise and resonates with our target audience.​​​​​​​
In order to create a truly dynamic and captivating user experience, I integrated motion throughout the design. The hero video is featured to captivate users and offer an instant glimpse of our work. It showcases some of our most impressive projects, intriguing users and inviting them to explore our portfolio further. I also carefully designed and implemented interactions throughout the site, creating a seamless and intuitive journey. From engaging hover effects to scrolling animations, each interaction contributes to a sense of sophistication and fluidity, keeping users engaged in our content.
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