A comprehensive digital experience for a pre-seed startup focused on gut health monitoring, including an intuitive app concept, engaging landing pages, and a cohesive brand identity.
Lina Health
Connecting patients to online psychiatric care through engaging landing pages, and an intuitive and user-friendly intake form and patient portal.
We Rock Charlotte
Designing a cohesive website to visually align with the new We Rock Charlotte branding while enhancing user experience.
WW Homepage Look & Feel
Revitalizing Wray Ward's homepage to highlight destination tourism work and elevate the visual design.
Mastic Contractor Campaign
A strategic campaign fostering re-engagement, preference, and conversion through a cohesive landing page and targeted digital and social ads.
Monarch Market Mobile Site
Crafting an inclusive, intuitive mobile site for a food hall, consistent with the full site.
Email Designs
Crafting compelling emails by curating imagery and conceptualizing layouts for optimal user experience on desktop and mobile platforms.
Wray Ward Blog Headers
Designing and illustrating custom visuals to complement and reinforce Wray Ward's bi-weekly blog posts.
Social Media
Producing captivating social media visuals, including overall look and feel, in-feed posts, carousels, and reels, to engage audiences and drive growth.
Digital Ads
Creating engaging static and animated programmatic banner, audio, native, and paid social ads to promote various client campaigns at Wray Ward effectively.